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Character Concept: Nicholas Treeflower
A young man who prefers nonviolent solutions to everything. His favourite thing to quote is “A man who resorts to violence is a man who’s run out of good ideas.” While he does prefer to solve things nonviolently, he will take action if necessary. During such a situation, he will say “I’ve run out of good ideas.” While he may not be very physically strong, he has brains to back himself up, often coming up with makeshift weapons and traps. He believes strongly in peace above all else strives to help maintain and achieve it. Because of this, he connects easily to Terra, who also wishes to achieve peace, but also conflicts with her due to her aggressive methods. He develops feelings for her, and tries his best to stay by her side and help her whenever her past comes back to bite her.
While very strong willed, he is not strong in ability. He often ends up getting himself hurt when he tries to help people. Terra takes pity on him because of this, thinking
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Character Concept: Terra Horizon
A tough tomboy who dresses like a boy and is proficient at street fighting. She has a strong constitution, and and even stronger determination. She is pessimistic and cynical, which goes along with her street punk attitude. She thinks idealistic people are quite naive and will make fun of them often. Despite this however, she often gets involved in incidents where she saves and helps people. She says it’s not because of some kind of altruism or ideals, but because she thinks only assholes don’t help people who are right in front of them. However, the rate at which she is involved in these incidents raises questions. It seems as if she comes across them while searching for something. It it is when she’s chasing that goal that her strong determination can be seen.
A boyish personality with a few sprinklings of feminity, she enjoys playing video games and sports, watching TV and reading manga, and also training her body. Despite that, she also likes flowers, small animal
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Bad Dream Ch. 04(FINAL)
Ch. 04 Begin
Madotsuki woke up on her floor. She slowly stood up. She went to her desk, and wrote about her dream. That day the case worker came by, and was delighted to see that Madotsuki was going to stop sleeping all day, and was going to try and at least go out to meet people every once in a while. She told the case worker, she wanted to stop running. She'd done enough running for a lifetime.
She went out to go see if she could maybe buy some more games for her Famicom. She only had, like, one. Eventually she found a retro games shop and went inside. She went up to the counter and asked for the Famicom games. Or, tried to at least. She hadn't spoken for long and was still shy.
"Woah, young girl like you likes the Famicom? Well, okay. What kinda games you like? I have a copy of DQ3 if you like RPGs. Maybe Double Dragon? Oh, and we got Akumajou Dracula, or maybe you prefer 'Castlevania', if you don't mind REALLY hard games."
Castlevania huh? It had been a while since she'd played tha
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Bad Dream Ch.03
Ch. 03 Begin
Nai and Madotsuki were in a large, white desert. For miles are that could be seen was white sand and black lines, and a few white clay houses. They continued onward, having no other choice.
After a while, they came upon two "people". A girl with Twin Tails and one with long hair. Both were as monochrome as the area surrounding them.
"That's... oh, god no." Madotsuki exclaimed.
"What, who is it? Another... person you know?" Nai asked.
"Y-yeah... that's my friend I told you about. Only, a little more, um, black and white. And, that next to her is her sister. She... also blamed me for my friend's death." Madotsuki replied.
Nai noticed they looked odd. They both just stood there, with vacant expressions. He didn't know what to do next. Should they keep going? Wait, maybe it had something to do with that other Madotsuki. Her friend, and her sister. Her friend who died in a accident.
"Hey Mado-chan, what color was the light when the accident happened?" Nai inquired.
"Oh, it was
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Bad Dream Ch.02
Ch. 02 BEGIN
They came out of the subway onto a long road in a forest, with rain pouring down around them. Nearby was a vending machine and an umbrella stand, with one umbrella left.
"I g-guess we'll have to share it..." Madotsuki said with her face slightly red.
"Nah, that's okay, you take it. I have a raincoat anyway." Nai replied.
"O-oh, o-okay" she said, kinda disappointed. She took the umbrella.
They started walking down the long road. The cold rain pattering on the pavement.
A ways down the road, a strange creature appeared. It looked somewhat like jellyfish, but red with legs. It remained stationary.
"It... SEEMS harmless" Nai proclaimed. Walking towards it.
"W-wait, maybe it hasn't noticed us yet! Don't get too close." Madotsuki cautioned.
"Well, what are we going to do, just go back the other way? I'm sure if it attacks us I can handle it." Nai said, dismissing her warning.
As the got close, the "jellyfish" made a strange sound, like small bell. As it did this, two more "jelly
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Bad Dream Ch.01 Ver. 2.3.6
Ch. 01 BEGIN
"CAAAAAW!" cried the Toriningen
In no time, five of them had already gotten close. Moving swiftly, Nai moved forward and cut down to the right, took a step forward and cut up to the left, took another step forward and quickly brought his blade straight down then moved thirty degrees to the right and slashed directly upward, then turned his blade backhand and impaled the Toriningen behind him on the railing of the walkway. The Toriningen let out wails of pain and faded away. This all took place in about five seconds.
(His skill is amazing... If it weren't for his modern attire, I'd swear he was samurai from the Bakumatsu Era!) Madotsuki thought to herself.
The remaining Toriningen leapt high in the air and landed a foot away from Madotsuki. It rammed it's beak down towards her, missing as she fell backwards.
"Aah!" she yelped as she hit the wooden dock. The Toriningen had gotten it's head stuck to the ground. In an effort to kill it before it killed her, Madotsuki stabbed t
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Bad Dream Ch.00 Ver. 1.2.4
Ch. 00
It was dark and cold. It always was here. Even after all the times she did it she wasn't completely sure how she got here. Down the left path she saw a Pirori in the distance. She remembered this one to be the one who sent her to a strange area she called "The Wilderness", which was right near where the Pirori lived. She decided to go on ahead.
As she walked through The Docks she watched the water slowly wave and ripple from the vibrations her footsteps made. As she looked up she saw a metallic block about 100 feet away. She came up to it and found it was a vending machine. It was then she realized she was kinda thirsty.
(I can't actually drink in a dream but... eh, whatever. This place is more real then my world anyway.) She thought to herself.
She stepped closer.
(Dream Diary...? 115 yen eh? Let's see...)  She thought as she opened her coin purse and found 2 100 yen coins. Just as she was about to put them in, something caught her eye.
Her eyes slowly opened as she saw what sh
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Worst Commercial Ever by Count-Montivan Worst Commercial Ever :iconcount-montivan:Count-Montivan 0 2 PRINGLES by Count-Montivan PRINGLES :iconcount-montivan:Count-Montivan 0 0 Katawa Shoujo Reaction 1: Hanako by Count-Montivan Katawa Shoujo Reaction 1: Hanako :iconcount-montivan:Count-Montivan 0 2 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by Count-Montivan AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :iconcount-montivan:Count-Montivan 0 0
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Goin' Ta Hell. :iconcount-montivan:Count-Montivan 1 4
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So I organized some shit. I put those craptastic doodles in a folder and out of my featured thing. Now, only my writing will be there. Also, I'm probably gonna write something short and put it up some time in the near future.

That Madoka X Railgun story has stalled, btw. I don't know if I'll ever finish it. Probably not... :(


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Count Monty's the name, being nerdy's my game!

I can't draw worth shit, sadly. Fell free to pay those "drawings"(I use the term very loosely here) of mine no heed. I also dabble in writing, and while my first few attempts sucked(which is why I deleted some), I'm trying harder to do good stuff. I'm not really here for a reason.

I've also grown up a bit more since I wrote those first few journal entries, and from when I wrote those character concepts which now seem really god damned dumb(they always did, but now it's not the kind of dumb I enjoy), but I can't bring myself to delete them. EDIT: I was wrong, I CAN bring myself to delete them!

I don't know what else to say, other than that I didn't draw that picture and whoever drew it is the owner.


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